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Original Compositions
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Trumpet Duets

A Great Place to Start
(2 trumpets in C)

Composed for the 40th Anniversary of Georgia Perimeter College (2004)
This is a short fanfare, an excellent opening piece


May I Quote You

(2 trumpets in Bb or C)
Commissioned by James Thompson (1994)
This is a popular duet that cleverly incorporates many well known trumpet excerpts in and around an bebop-like original tune.  It has been performed at several ITG conferences.
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One for Two
(2 trumpets in Bb)
Commissioed by Dr. Cathy Leach for the "Two Minute Premiere Project"
at the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast 2016
The piece begins as a fanfare and includes a lyrical section in 5/8.

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Trumpet Ensembles

A Case for Cullowhee

Composed for the Western Carolina University Trumpet Festival (2008)
This is a great piece to feature the jazz chops of your trumpet ensemble. It is a bebop style tune with several soli sections.  There is space for solo improvisation and you'll notice quotes of a couple of well known classical excerpts.



Bama Jama
Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2010)



(5-parts, Bb Trumpet)

Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2011)
Written to honor Lew Soloff, who was the jazz guest artist at TFSE, this piece quotes several of Lew's famous solos from his Blood, Seat and Tears recordings.  It requires a strong lead player and offers some room for improvisation at the end.
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Fourths Field
Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2014)
This brand new piece is a play on words and features lots of fourths (of courth) and
was premiered at the 2014 Trumpet Festival of the Southeast at UTC, Chattanooga.
This 5-minute piece begins with a unison fanfare and morphs into a semi-jazz ballad then launches into a swinging 12-bar blues with space for an improvised solo. The opening fanfare returns and the piece closes with a flourish.
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How Many Trumpets Does it Take?
(8-parts or 10-parts)
Commissioned by the UCLA Trumpet Ensemble (2005, rev. 2011)
This is a trumpet ensemble tour de force that includes a nod to various historical styles including: Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, bebop, Latin and contemporary classical.  There is room for jazz improvisation.  Requires a strong first (lead) player. The 8-part version, premiered by the UCLA trumpet ensemble at the National Trumpet Competition (2012), has a Wayne Bergeron style solo at the end.
Listen on YouTube
Recorded in performance at the National Trumpet Competition, 2012.
UCLA Trumpet Ensemble, directed by Jens Lindemann

Choose One

Made in Georgia

Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2012) This tribute to the great state of Georgia includes some swinging jazz and an arrangement of the state song of GA, Hoagy Charmichael's Georgia on My Mind.
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Trumpet Ensembles Con't.

May the Fourths Be With You
(4 or 5-parts)
Composed 2009
This is a 2-minute fanfare that takes advantage of the interval of
a fourth.  There's even a short quote from a well known TV show.

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4 or 5 Parts


Commissioned by James Thompson (1995)
Balquhidder Music BQ-41

This trumpet trio creates musical motives from notes found in the names of the three players for whom it was written: Edward Tarr, James Thompson and Peter Leiner.  The motive for Edward Tarr is "E-D-A-D-A," etc.
Listen (Excerpts)   Mvt. I      Mvt. II      Mvt. III
Recorded at the premiere-Trumpet Museum Bad Sackingen, Germany (1995)
James Thompson, Peter Leiner, Edward Tarr, 


Short and Suite
Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2017)
This is a short four-movement suite as the title implies.  Requires a strong 1st player.
I. March Intrada: a short quirky march
II. Crooked Carousel: written in five-four meter, uses various mutes and                             flugels
III. Romance: in three-four, flugels on five parts to begin
IV. And Now, Some Jazz: straight-ahead up tempo with with a couple of                             short improvised solos (written solos available upon request)



Trumpetech No. 1

(4-parts, 2 choirs, Bb Trumpets)
Listen MIDI Version

Trumpetech No. 2
(4-parts, 2 choirs)
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Commissioned by the Georgia Tech Trumpet Ensemble (1997)

Choose One or Both

Trumpet Waves


Composed for the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast (2013)
This piece is a cross between classical and jazz styles.  It even offers a couple
of players the opportunity to improvise over a simple chord progression.  There's a short quasi-Baroque section and enough rhythmic interest to challenge the best readers. Trumpets 1 and 3 double on "A" piccolo, and 6-8 double on flugel.

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